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    Compared to Birmingham that is the most dangerous area in West Midlands, Solihull on the other hand is the third safest major town in West Midlands (according to CrimeRate). The overall crime rate here in 2020 was 61 crimes per 1000 people, which is lower than West Midlands rate at 91 per 1000 people.

    Solihull is a town in West Midlands. It is one of the major towns, but lucklily it’s also the third safest one in this region. The overall crime rate in Solihull was 61 crimes per 1000 people, 49% lower than West Midland’s overall. This is great news for businesses across Solihull, however you should still think about safety.

    Located at the heart of England, Solihull is said to be the perfect gateaway to the rest of the Midlands. This means that it attracts many people who will spend money on different businesses. Solihull is an amazing spot for selling, but to ensure a successful business, we suggest hiring security guards. You can get in touch with us!

    Whilst crime has a negative impact on businesses all over Solihull, it can be easily changed. This is where Security Guards Birmingham can help. Although we are a Birmingham based company, we can easily support your Solihull business 24/7. We offer services from retail security to keyholding security, and warehouse security.

    Whatever size of your business, we provide static and manned security. We especially love to work with small and middle sized businesses as they’re an easier target so we want to create an environment where they can thrive. But we also work with many big chain companies. Whatever security issue your Solihull business is facing, we will deal with it in an innovative and tailored way!


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