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    Moseley & Kings Heath are seperated in many different areas, such as Moseley Village, Kings Heath, Moseley, Kings Heath Park & Stirchley East. All of these areas have very different crime rates. One is more dangerous than the other so it’s important you know all about them.

    Moseley & Kings Heath is an area in Birmingham. Moseley Village is the most dangerous area. It is ranked 25th in Birmingham in terms of crime, which is quite high. There were 1,149 crimes comitted.

    Kings Heath ranks 10 places lower, with 916 crimes. Another area, Kings Heath Park & Stirchley East, ranks 78th with 662 crimes. Moseley is actually one of the safest areas in Birmingham, ranking 119th with only 346 crimes recorded.

    As we’ve seen, there are many locations within this area. This also means many different businesses operate here and they experience crime in different ways. Some might benefit more from security services, whilst others might spend less on this. However, any business will need some kind of security in place to ensure that criminals are kept off their property.¬†

    Crime in Moseley & Kings Heath can be easily prevented. This is where Security Guards Birmingham can help. We are here for Birmingham businesses 24/7, including the Moseley & Kings Heath area. We offer services from retail security to keyholding security, and warehouse security.

    Whatever size of your business, we provide static and manned security. We especially love to work with small and middle sized businesses as they’re an easier target so we want to create an environment where they can thrive. But we also work with many big chain companies. Whatever security issue your Moseley & Kings Heath business is facing, we will deal with it in an innovative and tailored way!


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