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    There were 541 crimes recorded in Erdington, Birmingham on December 2020 (according to VInsights). The last month of the year was also the biggest one for crime, closely followed by October 2020. The total number of crimes comitted in 2020 in Erdington was 5591. Violence and sexual offences were the most popular ones, followed by anti-social behaviour, and public order.

    Erdington is an area in Birmingham. It is 5 miles northeast of Central Birmingham. Erdington is famous for its culture and sport, formerly home to the famous rock music venue ‘Mothers’. This makes the Birmingham area an attractive one, unfortunately, also to criminals. Erdignton Town is the eight most dangerous neighbourhood in Birmingham, ranking quite high.

    This Birmingham area may not be the most dangerous one, but it still ranks in the top 10 within Birmingham. If you’re a business owner in Erdington, you might want to check out the security services we have on offer so that you can protect yourself in time.¬†

    Whilst crime has a negative impact on businesses all over Erdington, it can be easily changed. This is where Security Guards Birmingham can help. We are here for Birmingham businesses 24/7, including the Erdington area. We offer services from retail security to keyholding security, and warehouse security.

    Whatever size of your business, we provide static and manned security. We especially love to work with small and middle sized businesses as they’re an easier target so we want to create an environment where they can thrive. But we also work with many big chain companies. Whatever security issue your Erdington business is facing, we will deal with it in an innovative and tailored way!


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