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    According to UKCrimeStats there were only 3 violent crimes comitted in Edgbaston during the period of July 2021, making it a relatively safe area in Birmingham. The last few months have been really quiet, giving a break for everyone. There have been busier months, such as March 2021 when 321 crimes were recorded, from violent to vehicle, and theft related.

    Edgbaston is an area in Birmingham. It can be found southwest Central Birmingham. Edgbaston is also home to the Warwickshire Cricket Club and leading Conference & Events venue in Birmingham so whenever there is a match on, lots of people visit this area. It makes it more vulnerable to criminals during these times.

    This Birmingham area is filled with boutique shops, bars, places to eat and relax (Edgbaston Village offers all of this). There are also the Birmingham Botanical Gardens, Boston Tea Party, ‘The Edgbaston’, and the Birmingham Wildlife Conservation Park. All of these very different businesses can fall victim to theft, vandalism, or anti-social-behaviour so it is a smart choice to get security.

    Whilst crime has a negative impact on businesses all over Edgbaston (Edgbaston North is the 49th most dangerous area in Birmingham, whereas Edgbaston South & University ranks 106th), it can be easily changed, by hiring our Edgbaston security guards.

    This is where Security Guards Birmingham can help. We are here for Birmingham businesses 24/7, including the Edgbaston area. We offer services from retail security to university security, and warehouse security. We work with many industries in Birmingham.

    Whatever size of your business, we provide static and manned security. We especially love to work with small and middle sized businesses as they’re an easier target so we want to create an environment where they can thrive. But we also work with many big chain companies. Whatever security issue your Edgbaston business is facing, we will deal with it in an innovative and tailored way!


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